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Citizen Cashmere Hoodie Video Contest

Posted on May 1, 2014 by Svein Forkbeard There have been 0 comments

Do you love your Citizen Cashmere Zip Hoodie? Then help us film a commercial for it! We are crowd-sourcing video clips from our clients to make a hoodie video.

If we use your clip, we will mail you a FREE zip hoodie for your participation!

Here is all we need from you:

1) Wear your Citizen Cashmere Zip Hoodie

2) Use your iphone and film a 3 second clip

3) Don't look into the camera...(a video clip filmed from 2-6 feet away will probably work best.)

4) Say 1 adjective about the hoodie enthusiastically.

5) Be somewhere colorful! The more visually interesting the better!!!

If you like the shot---email it to us at info@citizencashmere.com along with your name. If we use your clip, we will contact you so you can pick your hoodie color.

The final video submission can be up to August 1, 2014.

The end shot is up to your artistic eye and best judgement.

Most importantly, have fun with it.

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