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Knit vs Woven: The Difference

Posted on November 19, 2013 by Svein Forkbeard There have been 0 comments

From a customer: "Are your scarves knit or woven?"

(The answer is Knit.)

Here is the difference between the two:

Knit: One piece of yarn is looped over and over. If you look closely the fabric has little rows of braids.

Woven: Multiple pieces of yarn are used that over lap each other at right angles. If you look closely, the fabric looks like a basket.

A Close up of Woven Fabric

Knit: If you ball up Knits and release it, the fabric will have very few wrinkles.

Woven: If you ball up Woven fabric, it will end up with lots of wrinkles. Think of your favorite linen shirt or dress shirt.

Knits: Very stretchy along the width of the the fabric with very little stretch along the length.

Woven: Very little stretch along either the width or the length of the fabric.

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