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Is Citizen Cashmere a fun place to work?

Yes! Our Mongolian herders and their families get to enjoy their nomadic lifestyle.
Our goat team members are all free range. And our office team gets to migrate
between our Paris, Mongolia, China and Hong Kong offices.

Is Citizen Cashmere Environmentally Friendly?

Totally. Since we own every part of our own supply chain, we can control every
aspect from how the goat lives to getting it combed and taking the hair and turning
into a sweater.


Assess all our dyes to guarantee that they are good for the environment

Ensure our production is non-toxic and safe for aquatic life.

Conduct external testing with independent third parties to meet international
standards for non-toxicity for our products

Constantly seek ways to make our operation better for the environment.

Tell me more about Citizen Cashmere’s labor practices overseas.

Citizen Cashmere believes in Warm for All. That means we treat our small team of
employees really well.

The seven nomadic herders who manage our goats are well paid to maintain their
traditional nomadic way of life. Along with their families who move with them they
get to thrive at the way of life they chose, which is to herd rather than moving into

cities. Citizen Cashmere is proud to preserve this rich cultural heritage while paying
wages that can let them afford to send their kids to college.

Our factory’s knitters are located in China. To maintain our high quality standards,
we pay 1/3 higher wages than other Chinese knitwear factories.

At Citizen Cashmere, we are against being cold. That also includes cold labor

Are your goats ethically treated?

Our goat team members are never shorn, factory farmed, or mulsed. Culturally and
practically, Mongolian cashmere goats are not used for food.

They roam a natural landscape that is both beautiful but harsh and one that doesn’t
pamper. The goats and their herders rely on each other to thrive in an unforgiving
environment. The beauty of this is that, in spite of such rough conditions, these
goats are indeed happy. They’re robust and lively. Natural selection has bred a
tough animal and one that’s at home in extreme conditions. Sure footed, playful,
and healthy; they can frolic across the terrain that would injure other mammals.
They are the ultimate survivors and their precious coats provide a livelihood for the

Basically, life in the steppe comes with few luxuries, yet goat and person have
ensured each other’s survival for centuries.

How can a new company already control its own supply chain?

Simple. Roger has been making top of the line cashmere sweaters for 30 years for
the best fashion houses. He built the largest European owned manufacturing facility
in china for cashmere knitwear.

What are the parts of the supply chain you own?

120,000 cashmere goats in Mongolia
One factory in china that washes the wool, makes yarn, dyes, and knits.

We employ seven herding teams, three hundred knitters, and give French designers.

What is Citizen Cashmere’s mission statement?

To re-think Warm and to inspire others to do the same. To design and produce the
best knitwear in the world.

What does your logo represent?

Meet the July Column in Paris, representing the eternal struggle for liberty, freedom
and hope. The figure stands above the city reminding us with his torch that

civilization should dispel darkness. He is The Spirit Of Freedom and one of the first
Parisians to be against the cold.

Citizen Cashmere represents more than the highest quality cashmere sweaters, we
are inspired by “Warm”. We are an aesthetic. Always French styled, toxic-free, and
free-range cashmere, we are Warm for All.

I am interested in doing a story on Citizen Cashmere. Who should I contact?

Wow! Thanks. Please contact Adam at Als@Citizencashmere.com for all press and
media inquiries. He’s great.

Why is your price so much lower than other 100% cashmere sweaters?

Simple. We probably make their sweaters too. Citizen Cashmere is simply cutting
out the middleman brands and selling the same product directly to you. We are not
burdened with stores, rents, expensive advertising, sales staff or the extra layer of
profit and overhead that comes from a middleman brand.

What is hand-combed cashmere?

Once per year, each spring our nomads return the herd to a central location where
we can brush out the goat’s winter coat. Left to nature, this fur would blow away in
the wind and be lost.

We use brushes to comb each goat and collect its fur. We turn that fur into
cashmere sweaters.

Think of it like brushing your pet dog’s winter coat in March.

Will my elbows wear out the sweater after a few wearings?


It all has to do with how densely the fabric is woven and knitted. Before you ever
buy a cashmere sweater, hold it up to the light, if you can see through it, then it is
cheaply made and will wear out quickly.

When you see a $1500 cashmere sweater from a top fashion house, chances are
we made it. We only make high quality knitwear. If we can’t find a way to make a
design that works well, we wont make it. Period.

How do I protect my sweater from moths? How do I store my sweater?

A sealable post-consumer recycled plastic shipping bag can double for this
purpose. Simply wash, fold, and store the sweater flat in a drawer. Moth crystals
are advisable as an extra measure of care.

How do I wash my cashmere sweater?

Dry cleaning is fine but to be more environmentally friendly, just hand-wash it in
cold water. Always use mild shampoo. Then fold it with tissue and store it flat to
dry. Never put your cashmere sweater on a hanger to dry because it will ruin the

If you want to iron your sweater, always cover it with a hand cloth and iron over
that. Use steam.

For spills, always use cold water as soon as possible because hot water will set the

I see some pilling under my arms, how do I fix it?

Wool is a natural fiber that always has some degree of pilling in high friction areas.
This is normal and unavoidable.

We always spin the thread to be dense which helps to avoid excessive pilling.

The more frequently you hand-wash your sweater in cold water, the more you will
avoid this problem. You can help correct pilling after 4-5 washings.

What is your sizing/measurement guide?

Simply check out our Size Guide at the bottom of every page.  We also offer a fit guarantee.  So if you are a large, and order a large---it's going to fit.

What kind of dyes does Citizen Cashmere use?

Citizen Cashmere only uses dyes that are approved by the European Chemicals
Agency in Helsinki and which comply with the latest REACH standards. The ECA
has tested each our dyes for environmental, human health safety, non-toxicity, and
biodegradability. Our natural and synthetic components have been proven safe and
effective by the ECA.

We use these particular dyes because they have been certified as non-toxic, non-
carcinogenic and safe to wear.

How do I track my order?

As soon as we ship your yummy soft knitwear, we will send you a confirmation
email that includes a tracking number. Check out this site to know where your stuff
is: http://www.packagetrackr.com/

When do you ship my order?

We ship within 1-2 business days of receiving your order. We always follow up with
an email letting you know along with a tracking number.

Do you ship to PO Boxes/APO/FPO Addresses?

Yes. However, we can only ship by non-registered post because it does not require
a signature on receipt. We do not recommend this option because non-registered
post cannot be tracked. We do not accept liability for non-delivery for any reason to
PO Boxes/APO/FPO Addresses.

What should I use as my shipping address?

All deliveries are registered for tracking purposes and require your signature when
it is delivered. If you register a different shipping address from your billing address,
then we recommend that you add the address of where you are likely to be during

normal office hours to avoid delays. That is probably your work address, unless you
are a mongolian nomad.

Where do you ship?

This website ships to the United States.

For our European Clients, please use:


You can also purchase through our Ebay Listings.  If you purchase internationally, Ebay will RE-SHIP our package to you through their US warehouse.  This is great for clients in Canada.

What is your typical delivery time?

Delivery Time= Payment Clearing Time + Order Processing Time + Delivery Time

Payment Clearing Time:
Direct Credit Card Payment clears in one working day
PayPal (with verified address) clears in one working day
PayPal (with unverified address) * clears in 2-5 working days

*Direct Credit Card payments and PayPal payments with unverified addresses are
subject to security checks. Citizen Cashmere reserved the right to refuse an order
based on the result of a risk assessment.

All knitwear takes 5-11 working days to deliver.
Express shipping option takes 3-4 business days. Express shipping is only available
to US based clients at this time.

Typical Delivery Time:
USPS Priority Signed for Delivery
US DOMESTIC (48 states, Hawaii and Puerto Rico)= 5-14 working days
Canada= 5-14 working days
Express Courier International Shipping
Asia Pacific= 5-14 working days
Rest of the World= 5-14 working days

Please note that while these are typical delivery times, delays may occur due to
unforeseen circumstances that are out of our control.

Which shipping company do we use?

For our US clients, we use USPS Priority Signed for Delivery. For shipments to the
UK and Europe we use Aramex Services. For the rest of the world we use Express
Currier signed on delivery for 2-3 days service.

What are the shipping rates for domestic orders and to the rest of the world??

We offer FREE shipping on all orders in the United States. This also applies to multiple

We offer Free Returns and Free Shipping for Exchanges.

All EU (ECC) Orders through our French Website have the same Free Shipping policies on this website.

What is your returns and refunds policy if there is a product defect?

When you receive your product it should be in perfect condition. If it is not, contact
us immediately. We will happily refund or exchange any purchase where the
product is damaged and where we cannot replace the damaged product. Return the
knitwear to us in perfect unused condition and with all tags still attached within 14
days along with proof of purchase.

What is your returns and exchange policy for US orders?

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority! If you are not 100% satisfied with
your purchase simply exchange it for another item, available size, or return it for
a Citizen Cashmere store credit, for free within the contiguous United States. Any
returns must be sent back within 30 days of delivery. It has to be sent back in new,
unused condition. Returns need to have the original tags still attached.

We offer FREE Shipping for exchanges too!

All returns are inspected upon arrival.

To make returns easy, just send us an email, and we will send you a pre-paid return shipping label.  Print it out & simply stick that onto the box.  Put the new shipping label into the box and stick it into the mail.

Please note that we do not provide return shipping labels with orders delivered
outside the contiguous United States or to APO/FPO addresses.

Returns for Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, US Territories, APO/FPO Addresses:

We currently offer free returns for orders shipped to the 48 contiguous states only.
If you live in Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories or at an APO/FPO address,
please mail back returns using any traceable and insured shipping method.

Please contact us for details regarding these returns before shipping.

A refund will be applied once the knitwear returns to the warehouse and passes inspection.

Where do you ship from?

We currently have four warehouses for shipping.  Three are at the Amazon facilities in Japan, Europe, and the US.  Orders from our website from any of those regions will ship from the appropriate Amazon warehouse.

If you would like to order from the ECC, please visit us at:


To Buy From Outside the US:

If you would like to order from another country, please purchase from our Ebay listings.  Amazon in the US will not ship outside the US.  But if you purchase our product on Ebay using Ebay's Global Shipping Program---they will RE-SHIP our package to you.

How do I buy if I am NOT in the United States?

For our clients in the European Union (ECC countries only), Please visit us at:



For all other countries:

Please make your purchase through our Ebay Listings using Ebay's Global Shipping Program.

Currently, we use Amazon to handle our shipments in the United States and they do not ship outside the country.  Ebay's Global Shipping Program, will RE-SHIP the package to you.  

How Do I Buy From Canada?

Please Purchase Through Our Ebay Listings using the Ebay Global Shipping Program.

We ship through Amazon, who will not ship outside the US.  But if you purchase on Ebay, they will RE-SHIP our package to you through their warehouse.

It is easy, seamless and we have many happy Canadian Customers.